Friday, January 8, 2010

lips service?

Went gym tonight... after gym went dinner at the usual dining area..

Jacky, Melvin and I were talking as usual, lot of random topic flying around. Hahaha. To our surprise, we had this friend of ours did so call "promise" our birthday treat, but never have time or somehow the so call 'I never make it to your birthday I will buy u dinner' never come... 2009 till now... Jacky and I wonder why so call "promise" and never do it? Another pay lip service again.

You guys will be wondering who? And some of you will think "is just a dinner". Dinner of cos I can afford man, I am not so "giam" man. Just felt reassure that there are really this group of human call "say say only" group. hahahaa.

ok ok enough of bitching! hahaha night lovely readers!

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