Sunday, December 14, 2008

ZOUKOUT 2008 part 1

Finally, the party of the year! This year thanks to Melvin AKA Mevlina (POSTER W) decided to drive.

Started of picking up Willie, Jacky than me, who know Melvin forget his ZOUKOUT ticket! We have to U turn and go back his place to pick up his ticket! Well, I asked him to get changed (cos I told him what to wear but that Willie say something else). Hey, not trying to be bossy about out fit, I just want the best for you guys! hahaha.

After parking the car at the beach, we ViVO City for dinner!

We had some drinks on the beach before heading to the main Arena! Meet up with Roy, Phillips, Kenny and Rachel!. Ya Tiffany can't get you this year. Was super messy can't find you girl!

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