Sunday, November 18, 2007


Was so careless of me, for get there is 4pp and I did 3pp. Is really my fault. I am really tired and exhausted.

Had Thomson Plaza, Jacky and I found a very nice Thai food eating place. Had a Thai Ice tea cost only $2, which the same tea at Thai EXP** cost about $4.90!!! The tea is really nice! You guys should try it! NICE. tea, beef noodles...etc.

Evening, Jacky had his Birthday dinner at North area... We had Lostober Porridge! nice! YUMMY! the Chicken drumlet, is so yummy. After dinner went Demsey Hill, HOUSE. To be honest, I did not enjoy the stay at HOUSE. Service suck, as usualy price is always "OVER-Price". Or maybe I'm tired.

Went back wanted to go KTV, by the time decided to go is about 1245am. We "postpone" the plan... went home ZZZZ!!

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